Certificate.FindSubject Method

Finds the certificate in Certificate Storage by subject.

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub FindSubject( _
    findKey As String, _
    storeLocation As Certificate.CertificateStoreLocation, _
    storeName As String _
public void FindSubject(
     string findKey,
     Certificate.CertificateStoreLocation storeLocation,     
     string storeName
public: void FindSubject(
     String^ findKey,
     Certificate.CertificateStoreLocation storeLocation,     
     String^ storeName
public function FindSubject( 
    findKey : String,
    keyLocation : Certificate.CertificateStoreLocation,
    storeName : String    


The specified string in certificate subject.
The collection name in certificate storage, the value can be: "My", "Root", "Trust", "CA" and "AddressBook".
The certificate storage location, it can be Certificate.CertificateStoreLocation.CERT_SYSTEM_STORE_CURRENT_USER or Certificate.CertificateStoreLocation.CERT_SYSTEM_STORE_LOCAL_MACHINE


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