Mail.OriginalBodyFormat Property

Gets the body text format of the e-mail message.

[Visual Basic 6.0]
Public Property Get OriginalBodyFormat() As Long
Public Property Let OriginalBodyFormat(newVal As Long) 
[Visual C++]
public: get_OriginalBodyFormat(LONG* pVal);
public: put_OriginalBodyFormat(LONG newVal);

Property Value

One of the following values.
Const	MailNoBodyText = 0 'The email doesn't have a body text. 
Const	MailTextBodyOnly = 1 'The email body text is in text/plain format. 
Const	MailHtmlBodyOnly = 2 'The email body text is in text/html format. 
Const	MailTextAndHtmlBody = 3 'The email body text is in multiple/alternative format. 


If the email doesn't have a html body part, HtmlBody returns a html body converted from text body part; If the email doesn't have a text body part, TextBody returns a text body converted from html body. To detect the original body format of the email, you can use this property to get if the original email has text body or html body.

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