MailClient.GetMailsByQueue Method

Retrieves emails by EAGetMail Service in background.

[Visual Basic 6.0]
Public Sub GetMailsByQueue( _
    server As MailServer _
    downloadFolder As String _
    leaveCopy As Boolean _
[Visual C++]
public: void GetMailsByQueue(
    IMailServer* server,
    BSTR downloadFolder,
    VARIANT_BOOL leaveCopy


A MailServer instances to connect.
The full path of local folder to save the retrieved emails. This folder MUST be existed.
A bool value indicating whether EAGetMail delete the email from server after the email is retrieved. If this value is true, EAGetMail won't delete the email from the server.


To learn more detail about GetMailsByQueue method, please refer to Work with EAGetMail Service section.

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