MailClient.OnSendingDataStream Event

Occurs when the client is sending the e-mail data (Append) to the IMAP4 server.

[Visual Basic 6.0]
Public Sub Object_OnSendingDataStream( _ ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal sent
    As Long, _ ByVal total As Long, _ ByRef cancel As Boolean _
[Visual C++]
public: HRESULT OnSendingDataStream( IDispatch* sender, LONG sent,
    LONG total, VARIANT_BOOL* cancel );

Event Data

The source (MailClient instance) of the event.
The number of bytes sent to the IMAP4 server.
The number of bytes in email content.
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the task should be canceled.


If cancel parameter is set to true in the event, the client terminates the connection immediately and a ERROR_CANCELLED exception will be thrown.


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