Charset Property

This property specifies the character set in current email.

Data Type: String


You may specify any character set. e.g. US-ASCII, ISO-8859-*, ISO-2022-JP. Defaults to utf-8.

Charset Description
windows-1256 Arabic(Windows)
iso-8859-4 Baltic(ISO)
windows-1257 Baltic(Windows)
iso-8859-2 Central Euporean(ISO)
windows-1250 Central Euporean(Windows)
GB18030 Chinese Simplified(GB18030)
gb2312 Chinese Simplified(GB2312)
hz-gb-2312 Chinese Simplified(HZ)
big5 Chinese Traditional(Big5)
iso-8859-5 Cyrillic(ISO)
koi8-r Cyrillic(KOI8-R)
koi8-u Cyrillic(KOI8-U)
windows-1251 Cyrillic(Windows)
iso-8859-7 Greek(ISO)
windows-1253 Greek(Windows)
windows-1255 Hebrew(Windows)
iso-2022-jp Japanese(JIS)
ks_c_5601-1987 Korean
euc-kr Korean(EUC)
iso-8859-15 Latin 9(ISO)
windows-874 Thai(Windows)
iso-8859-9 Turkish(ISO)
windows-1254 Turkish(Windows)
utf-7 Unicode(UTF-7)
utf-8 Unicode(UTF-8)
windows-1258 Vietnames(Windows)
iso-8859-1 Western European(ISO)
Windows-1252 Western European(Windows)


UTF-8 charset/encoding is strongly recommended, it supports all languages.

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