GetLastErrDescription Method

Get latest error descriptions.

Visual C++: HRESULT GetLastErrDescription(BSTR* pVal)
Visual Basic: GetLastErrDescription() As String

Return Value

If SendMail method handles an error in synchronous mode, the return value is the error description; otherwise, the return value is null.
Possible Value Corresponding Error Code
0 The operation completed successfully.
1 The task is terminated by user.
2 Error with Dns look up.
3 Error with connecting server.
4 Error with sending HELO/EHLO.
5 Error with sending sender.
6 Error with user authentication.
7 Error with sending recipients.
8 Error with sending data.
9 Error with SMTP reset.
10 Error with Exchange EWS protocol.
11 Error with Exchange Web DAV protocol.
12 Error with Gmail API protocol.
13 Error with MsGraph API protocol.


This method is designed for synchronous operating mode.

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