ImportTextBodyOptions Enumeration

Provides enumered values for options of importing plain text body.

[Visual Basic]
Public Enum ImportTextBodyOptions
public enum ImportTextBodyOptions
__value public enum ImportTextBodyOptions
public enum ImportTextBodyOptions


Members name Description
NoOptions Specifies that the email imports plain text to Text Body only.
ConvertHtmlToText Specifies that the email imports html source to Text Body and removes all html tags.


[Visual Basic, C#] The following example demonstrates how to import remote & local html source with EASendMail SMTP Component. To get the full samples of EASendMail, please refer to Samples section.

[VB - Import Email Text Body]

Dim oMail As SmtpMail = New SmtpMail("TryIt")
oMail.ImportTextBody("", _ 

oMail.SaveAs("c:\google.eml", true)

oMail.ImportTextBody("c:\test.txt", _

oMail.SaveAs("c:\test.eml", true)

[C# - Import Email Text Body] SmtpMail oMail = new SmtpMail("TryIt"); oMail.ImportTextBody("", ImportTextBodyOptions.ConvertHtmlToText); oMail.SaveAs("c:\\google.eml", true); oMail.ImportTextBody("c:\\test.txt", _ ImportTextBodyOptions.NoOptions); oMail.SaveAs("c:\\test.eml", true);

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