EASendMail ActiveX Object

Introduction to EASendMail ActiveX Object(COM interface)

EASendMailObj ActiveX Object contains objects that allow you to construct and send email messages. Email message is delivered through either arbitrary SMTP email service or dns lookup without specified SMTP server. The objects can be used from VB6, ASP, VC++ or any COM compatible application.

EASendMailObj consists of two objects: IMail and IFastSender. IMail interface provides the basis of sending email. It supports CC, BCC, multiple attachments and ESMTP authentication. It fully supports asynchronous operating mode and event driving. It also provides advanced features such as embedded picture, alternative text, email digital signature and email encryption. IFastSender interface enables your application to send mass email in a threadings-pool with highest performance. Both IMail and IFastSender can send email under SSL/TLS channel.

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