SMTP Server Configuration

To setup the SMTP configuration, click "EASendMail Service Manager" from "Start menu -> All Programs -> EmailArchitect EASendMail Service -> EASendMail Service Manager" -> "SMTP Configuration".

EASendMail SMTP Service

The component (ANSMTP or EASendMail) can either specify a SMTP server or not. If the component specifies a SMTP server in the code, EASendMail service will delivery email with the server specified by the component ; otherwise, EASendMail service will delivery email based on the setting in SMTP configuration.

Message Delivery

Delivery Type
You can choose "Sending email directly (simulating a SMTP server)" or "Relay email by specified SMTP server". If you don't have a static IP address, we suggest that you use "Relay email by your ISP SMTP server". Otherwise, many SMTP servers filter your email as junk email due to your connection is from dynamic IP address.
SMTP Server
If you choose "Relay email by specified SMTP server", then please input your server address here. If your SMTP server requires user authentication, please have "My server requires user authentication" checked and input your user and password to corresponding fields.
Server Port
Default SMTP Port is 25. Some SSL SMTP servers use 465 as SSL port, please change it based on your SMTP server setting.
Server Protocol
Default protocol is standard SMTP protocol. However, you can also choose Exchange Web Service or Exchange WebDav protocol if your server is MS Exchange Server. SMTP protocol is always recommended.
If you choose Exchange WebDav protocol and your user name is different with user alias, please input your alias here. By default, your user name is used by EASendMail service automatically.
If you choose Exchange WebDav protocol, you need to input your "Drafts" mail folder name here. Default name is "Drafts", but if your default language is not English in Exchange Server, your drafts name will be another name in your language. For example, if your default language is Chinese, your drafts name is "草稿", then you should input your drafts name here.
SSL Connection
If your SMTP server requires SSL connection, please have "My server requires secure connection (SSL)." checked.
HELO Domain
To send email to a SMTP server, HELO [domain] is the first command. The Masqueraded domain specifies the [domain] in HELO command. If no domain is specified, current machine name will be used in HELO command. We strongly recommend administrator to specify a valid internet domain whose IP address can be resolved to current machine. NOTE, if there is no internet domain whose IP address can be resolved to current machine, leave this field empty, DO NOT create a fake internet domain.
Enable global DKIM/DomainKeys local folder configuration
To sign DKIM with outbound email, you can download a DKIM configuration file from:, and put the file to "EASendMail Service installation path\domainkeys", then every email from this domain will be signed with DKIM signature.

Delivery Control

Maximum worker threads
Total SMTP connections are limited by this field. You can also set individual connection limit to different domain by "Connection Limit". If you choose "Relay email by specified SMTP server", please set a small value such as "10" or "20".
Keep Connection
If this option is checked, EASendMail always tries to reuse existent connections if it is possible. Otherwise, new connection is created for each new email.
Connection Limit
For example: if you input:, hotmail:5, *:3, that means EASendMail Service will not generate more than 10 concurrent connections to, 5 concurrent connections to and 3 connections to other domains.
Important Notice: If you set "Relay email by specified SMTP server", then all of your connections are connected to your SMTP server no matter the recipient is, so you should not use connection limit, you should set a small worker thread value.
Traffic Throttling
For example: if you input:, hotmail:500, *:800, that means in the specified minutes EASendMail Service will not send more than 1000 emails to, 500 emails to and 800 emails to other domains. all:10000 means not sending more than 10000 emails in specified minutes for all domains. Note: you must separate multiple rules by line-break. If you set interval to "0", then throttling limit is disabled.
IP Address Bind
By default, EASendMail Service uses primary IP address of your server to send outbound email. If you want to set specified domain binding with specified IP address, you set it like this:
Then email with from address * uses, and other domains use Import Notice: you should bind the IP address to a valid internet IP address but not local LAN IP address.

Delivery Report

Enable Non-delivery
If "Enable Non-delivery" is checked, EASendMail always sends failure-report to sender email address. If "Send a copy of Non-Delivery Report" is specified, a copy of the report will be sent to the email address no matter the sender email address is.
Report Template
In "EASendMail Installation Path\conf", there is a file named "_delivery_report.txt", administrator can edit this delivery-report template. Once the file is changed, you need to restart Emailarchitect EASendMail Service from "Control Pannel" -> "Administrative Tools" -> "Services" to take effect.
Local Report
If "Always leave a copy of Non-delivery report in localreport folder" is checked, EASendMail always generates the failure-report to a local folder under "EASendMail Service installation path\localreport". You should manually process and clear the files under this folder, otherwise the folder will become huge very soon.

Delivery Retry

Delivery Retry
If "Enable Delivery Retry" is enabled, EASendMail retries for undeliverable message (temporal error) automatically. If the email has a permanent error such as "no such user", SMTP service will not retry it.
Retry interval (seconds):
Retry interval for undeliverable message (temporal error). If the email has a permanent error such as "no such user", SMTP service will not retry it.
Expiration timeout (seconds):
If the message could not be delivered to specified recipient in the time, SMTP service would send a failure report to sender. If this value is set to 0, SMTP service will send the non-delivery report back to sender immediately without retry.

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