Please input the license information

* If the license is issued to company, please input company name as well.


VAT registered businesses who purchase products through Paddle will not pay VAT if the transaction is cross-border, so please enter your VAT ID by clicking "Add VAT" after you select the country and input the zip code.

Revisable Invoice

The invoice is always sent to your registered email and you can update the information you need such as your address, company name, and VAT number. You can save the invoice as a PDF by:

  • Right-click the page and click "Print..."
  • Change destination to “Save as PDF”
  • Click "Save" to download the invoice

If you have updated your invoice with your VAT number and are eligible for a tax refund, we’ll automatically process a VAT refund for your purchase. If you have not received the funds going back into your account in 5 working days, please reach out to us.

Tax Exemption Certificate

If you have a Sales Tax exemption certificate, Paddle can issue a tax refund only after the order has been paid. To do so, the customer will have to send the tax exemption documentation to our buyer support team via Our buyer support team will then review the documentation and issue the tax refund accordingly if the documentation is valid.