EmailArchitect Email Server

Platform: Windows 2000 or later (32bit/x64)

A full featured Windows Email Server which supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LIST, SSL, HTTP, Ajax Webmail, RBLS, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Greylisting, DomainKeys, DKIM, IDN, Archive and Plus Addressing. It provides you a total email solution with high quality at low cost. It supports most popular email clients such as Outlook, Netscape Mail, etc... It also provides remote administration and webmail access via EmailArchitect Web Access Interface and powerful built-in RBLS, Greylisting, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Archive module.

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Administration & Developers


SMTP/POP3 Service

Send and receive email by standard email client such as outlook, outlook express, netscape mail and etc.

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Mail Archive

Provides a way to archive emails sent/received by EmailArchitect Email Server to a database server such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, and let administrator and user to query and recover email from database.

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LIST Service

Self-management user alias, subscribe & unsubscribe newsletter through webmail interface or email.

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Protect sensitive message by transferring data under secure socket layer (SSL).

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Web Administration

Remotely administer services, domains and user. Both system level and domain level can be accessed.

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Realtime Black List

Block junk mail based on IP address by querying RBL servers.

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Filters, Work Flow and Message Approval

Unique feature of EmailArchitect server. Administrator and specified user can manually approve the message that matches specific rules.

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POP3 PULL Service Plug-in

Retrieve email from remote POP3 account and forward those email to local user.

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Scripting Utilites

Import Domain and User from Text File or Database.

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DomainKeys and DKIM signature

Add DomainKeys and DKIM signature for outgoing email.

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IMAP4 Service

Manage mailbox (folder) remotely by e-mail clients that support IMAP4 protocol.

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Web Mail

Check email on any machine without email client. Open source asp code for developer to build customized webmail interface.

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Traffic Control

Control incoming/outgoing email traffic and preserve CPU and other computer resources.

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Support multiple languages in webmail.

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Multiple Domains

Host hundreds of domains on a single server. Internationalized domain name (IDN) is fully supported.

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Anti-Virus Protection

Keep virus out of your mailbox.

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Anti-Spam Protection

Filter junk mail to save your valuable time.

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Software Development Kit (SDK)

Develop customized filters based on events and create scripting to manage the server. Most popular programming languages such as C++, C#, Vbscript are supported.

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Backup Tool

A light tool for mail server data backup and restoration.

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DB Connector

Enables data synchronization between email server and database server.

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