About Us

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EmailArchitect was founded in 2001 by our expertise in programming and communication engineering. Since then, EmailArchitect has been growing rapidly and becomes one of the industry leader in email technology. We provide quality programming solutions to a wide range of clients from small businesses to government authorities and multi-national companies. We believe that our products are well developed to be considered for your critical programming task having not only flexibility but also reliability to ensure a successful conclusion.

Missions & Commitments

At EmailArchitect, we are committed to providing most enhanced email components, email server to our customers to ease the complicated sending/retrieving email programming tasks. As your best partner, we provide full support, assistance and professional guidance in your programming tasks across all popular development platforms towards excellence and success.


Communication and development technology is ever changing. Innovations to empower our products with leading-edge technology are important to help our customers develop tailor-made, cost effective and high performance application in short development cycle. Market needs assessment and product upgrade is continues performed in AdminSystem.

Closing the gap - our customer

Anticipate customer needs, knowing what customers really think can have a fundamental effect on creating better, more productive relationships. Closing the gap with our customer is our goal.