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Visual C++ Example

SSL connection encrypts data between the email component and POP3 server or IMAP4 server to protect user, password and email content in TCP/IP level. Now this technology is commonly used and many email servers are deployed with SSL such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. There are two ways to deploy SSL on email server: 1. Using STARTTLS or STLS command to switch SSL channel on normal port (POP3: 110 or IMAP4: 143); 2. Deploying SSL on another port (POP3: 995 or IMAP4: 993 you may query it from your server administrator) directly.

The following example codes demonstrate how to retrieve email over SSL connection from IMAP4 server. This sample downloads emails from IMAP4 server and deletes the email after the email is retrieved.


// The following example codes demonstrate retrieving email over SSL connection from IMAP4 server
// To get full sample projects, please download and install EAGetMail on your machine.
// To run it correctly, please change email server, user, password, folder, file name value to yours

#include "stdafx.h" 

#include "eagetmailobj.tlh" 
using namespace EAGetMailObjLib; 

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]) 
    const int MailServerPop3 = 0; 
    const int MailServerImap4 = 1; 

    // Initialize COM environment
    ::CoInitialize( NULL ); 

    // Create a folder named "inbox" under current exe file directory
    // to save the emails retrieved.
    TCHAR szPath[MAX_PATH+1]; 
    memset( szPath, 0, sizeof(szPath)); 
    ::GetModuleFileName( NULL, szPath, MAX_PATH ); 

    // Change file name to current full path
    LPCTSTR psz = _tcsrchr( szPath, _T(' ')); 
    if( psz != NULL ) 
        szPath[psz-szPath] = _T(' 0'); 
    TCHAR szMailBox[MAX_PATH+1]; 
    memset( szMailBox, 0, sizeof(szMailBox)); 
    wsprintf( szMailBox, _T("%s\\inbox"), szPath ); 

    // Create a folder to store emails
    ::CreateDirectory( szMailBox, NULL ); 

        IMailServerPtr oServer = NULL; 
        oServer->Server = _T("imap.emailarchitect.net"); 
        oServer->User = _T("test@emailarchitect.net"); 
        oServer->Password = _T("testpassword"); 
        oServer->Protocol = MailServerImap4; 

        // Enable SSL Connection
        oServer->SSLConnection = VARIANT_TRUE; 

        // Set 993 SSL IMAP4 port
        oServer->Port = 993; 

        IMailClientPtr oClient = NULL; 
        oClient->LicenseCode = _T("TryIt"); 

        oClient->Connect( oServer ); 

        _variant_t infos = oClient->GetMailInfos(); 
        SAFEARRAY *psa = infos.parray; 
        long LBound = 0, UBound = 0; 
        SafeArrayGetLBound( psa, 1, &LBound ); 
        SafeArrayGetUBound( psa, 1, &UBound ); 

        INT count = UBound-LBound+1; 
        _tprintf(_T("Total %d emails\r\n"), count ); 

        for( long i = LBound; i <= UBound; i++ ) 
            _variant_t vtInfo; 
            SafeArrayGetElement( psa, &i, &vtInfo ); 

            IMailInfoPtr pInfo; 
            vtInfo.pdispVal->QueryInterface(__uuidof(IMailInfo), (void**)&pInfo); 

            TCHAR szFile[MAX_PATH+1]; 
            memset( szFile, 0, sizeof(szFile)); 

            // Generate a random file name by current local datetime,
            // You can use your method to generate the filename if you do not like it
            SYSTEMTIME curtm; 
            ::GetLocalTime( &curtm ); 
            ::wsprintf( szFile, _T("%s\\%04d%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d%03d%d.eml"), 
                i ); 

            // Receive email from IMAP4 server
            IMailPtr oMail = oClient->GetMail(pInfo); 

            // Save email to local disk
            oMail->SaveAs( szFile, VARIANT_TRUE ); 

            // Mark email as deleted from IMAP4 server.
            oClient->Delete( pInfo ); 

        // Delete method just mark the email as deleted,
        // Quit method pure the emails from IMAP4 server exactly.
    catch( _com_error &ep ) 
        _tprintf( _T("Error: %s"), (const TCHAR*)ep.Description()); 

    return 0; 

Click here to read original topic - full version ...

If you have any comments or questions about above example codes, please add your comments here.
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