Web Administration

EmailArchitect Email Server supports the following languages in Web Mail.

All configurations in EmailArchitect Email Server are done via a web browser. All services can also be configured and monitored via web administration. Administrator can monitor and terminate connection session of each service in real time.

System Level and Domain Administrator Level

"system" user and domain administrator can manage domains, users, filters remotely via a web browser. To maintain a high system security, administrative level is introduced in EmailArchitect Email Server.

The "system" user has right to manage all settings in the email server such as services, domains, users journal and etc. Unlike other user accounts, it doesn't have an email address and mailbox, so user can't use this account to send or receive email.

Domain administrator has right to manage almost all settings in a specified domain, except Domain General Settings such as MaxUsers, Nobody Alias and Domain Message Size limit. After logon as domain administrator, you can manage domain in "Options"->"Domain Administration".

Only "system" user or domain administrator can set an user as domain administrator.

The administrative level is very helpful to ISP company to manage the email server which hosts hundreds of domains. For example, ISP administrator has the "system" level and the client only has the "domain administrator" level for the specific domain.

Log Service

Log service provides detailed events of current server to "system" administrator, which ease the tasks of system monitoring and troubleshooting.

Filters Administration

EmailArchitect Server also provides three filters for filtering the messages. "system" user manages all filters; domain administrator manages domain filter; normal user manages user filter. To learn more about Filters, please click here .

Simulate User Logon

In EmailArchitect Web Administration, the "Simulate User Logon" feature is very useful to administrator to check the issue in user mailbox. It is very similar with the command "su" in unix/linux. That means the administrator can logon the user mailbox without the user's password. By default, this feature is disabled for the privacy reason. However, the server administrator can enable this feature like this:

Open "c:\program files\emailarchitect\webaccess\common\define.asp", and edit this: Const USER_SULOGON = False To Const USER_SULOGON = True and save this file. Then logon as "system" or domain administrator to web access, choose the user account you want to manage, then you will find a menu named "Logon As [user]", you can click this menu and logon as the user without password to manage the mailboxs or options.