Anti-Virus module was launched since version 5.2. It scans E-mail virus based on the name/file type of attachment. All the baleful files are prohibited in EmailArchitect Email Server and it blocks more than 99% virus. With anti-virus module, you no longer need to install third-party anti-virus software on the mail server.

Behind of Realtime Black List

Because RBLs servers list most IP addresses that have been complaint to send virus and worm e-mail, so the most baleful emails have been blocked by RBLs service at first. The Anti-Virus service just checks baleful emails passed by RBLs.

Dig the Virus in Compressed Attachment

The Anti-Virus not only checks the obvious attachments but also checks the files in compressed attachment(zipped attachment) to block all potential baleful files.

Strong Protection Setting

If you append .exe, .vbs, .js, .wsh to the textbox "The following file extension in zipped attachment will be bounced:", almost 99.9% of virus will be blocked by anti-virus module. The side effect is that user can't send .exe file through EmailArchitect Email Server any more.

Delivery Report

By default, EmailArchitect Anti-Virus will send notification to the sender if his/her message contains prohibited attachment. But for some obvious virus attachment, the anti-virus won't send any notification in order to save server resource. However, for authenticated user, EmailArchitect Anti-Virus always sends the notification if virus is found.